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I deliver more than trainings, news and research. I work for a better world to live in, more equal, more fair and, above all, more inclusive.

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If you need any training related to communication, journalism, radio, non hate speech, human rights, community media, freedom of expression, audiovisual regulations, information rights, citizen journalism, radioelectric spectrum... You are in the correct place.

Headlines for the people


Maybe you are looking for a journalist for specific events, news or reports. Specialized in human rights, audiovisual regulation, culture, European Union, general politics and democracy. If you need more than this, please ask!

Create new knowledge


Research is an essential activity in human life. That permits us discover new challenges, new knowledge and new solutions for developing a better planet and society to live in. I love research focused in social issues, communication, journalism, democracy and European issues, but that does not mean that you cannot propose more ideas and challenges. Let´s talk!

Activism as a way of life

Non-profit organizations

Being a non-profit organization is not always easy. Above all, when you have already started your project or you have a small budget for improving your daily-basis. Do not worry about that. Budget should not be the most important thing for developing your amazing work. If you need to cover a specific task or mission (temporary or permanent) and you are worried about the cost, I can help you. Do not hesitate!

Giving voice to your ideas and projects


You have a video, an exposition, an event... And you need someone who tells the people what is happening, what are they looking at. You have used some audio guides in those museums and visits and you want the same for whatever you are setting up. So nice! I am specialized in Spanish language.

Creativity to share your messages


Posters, brochures, hand books, stickers... They are essential elements for spreading your word, project and event. Let´s imagine your slogan and objetives and put them down in a paper or in a digital platform.

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"Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd"

I've worked with Miriam in the radio scientific program "Planeta Espuni" as well as in the management of the community radio "Radio Ritmo", in Getafe (Madrid). Despite the difficulties that exist in Spain for carrying out non-profit projects, Miriam has positioned this southern radio in the map, leading projects at a local, regional and national level, as well as setting up cultural events in Getafe. Her commitment to this local radio has been complete and her contribution, essential.

Andrea Arnal Communication Manager in Radio Ritmo

As journalist in Radio Ritmo, I've had the privilege of sharing different social and communication projects with Miriam since five years ago. She is a tireless worker, always ready to drive the initiative if the situation requires that and to encourage the people to take part on it. Her involvement and advices, her ability to lead team-projects, to promote participation and to reach milestones in a short and mid-term, has made possible that small projects like our radio program "Noviembre Nocturno", created from scratch with few resources and so much excitement. Now we can talk about a consolidated and respected radio program inside the community radio sector. If a better future exists for media, Miriam sure will be part of it.

Alberto Martínez Carcedo Journalist in Noviembre Nocturno and Revista Acentos

I would like to higlight the strength and energy that Miriam shows. This fact, joined to her knowledge and skills, enables her to perform any task.

Francisco Aragón Manager in Radio Enlace

In the last years I had the opportunity to work, to collaborate and to learn with Miriam Meda. With her, we have shared different projects to implement the right to communicate from the non-profit movements, in Spain and in Europe, with legal and regulatory proposals. In all this years, the rigour, determination and thrill that Miriam has make the work with her special, despite of the obstacles.

Ángel G. Castillejo MEL Lawyers

Experiences that make the difference

You want, as me, a better world to live in, more equal, more fair and more inclusive. So your needs are my needs too. If I can help you with your project or objectives, I will do. Contact me! Contact