11 February 2015: Presentation about the regulation situation of the Spanish community radios in the forum Participative media in a participative society.
Radio MARŠ (Maribor, Eslovenia).

21/01/2014 – 24/01/2014: Presentation Networks and community radio. The Third Media Sector and the citizens’ demonstration in Spain since 2011. [Download – only in Spanish]
IV International Conference of the Spanish Association of Communication Researchers (AE-IC, Bilbao, Basque Country). 

04/10/2013 – 06/10/2013: Presentation Community television in Spain.
Conference Media Diversity for Democracy (Brno, Czech Republic).

24/06/2013 – 25/06/2013: Paper From pure to mediations. Agenda, participation and diversity in the Spanish community media. 
Conference Our Media (Dublin, Ireland).

10/06/2013 – 11/06/2013: Presentation Opportunities for a new Audiovisual Communication Law in Andalusia. 
Andalusian Forum in Education, Communication and Citizenship (Cordoba, Spain).

18/04/2013: Round table discussion Free radios and authors’ rights. 
Enclave de Libros and Free Culture Association (Madrid, Spain).

22/04/2013: Masterclass in Audiovisual Information.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain). 

09/10/2012: Masterclass in Communication and Education.
Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain).

18/05/2012: Masterclass in Audiovisual Information, Multimedia and Education.
Complutense University (Madrid, Spain).

29/02/2012: Presentation The Third Media Sector and the democratization of the waves. 
Seminar Free waves, invisible waves? (Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Catalonia).

20/02/2012: Presentation The Third Media Sector and the free / community media. 
Seminar Communication for social change (Granada University – Euroarab Foundation, Granada, Spain).

30/11/2011: Presentation When Ganymede stopped being cupbearer and started working in community radio.
Seminar Communication for social change: university, civil society and media (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain).

17/11/2011 – 19/11/2011: Presentation about audiovisual regulation Sisyphus’ Spanish stone.
I International Conference and General Assembly  Community Media Forum of Europe (Nicosia, Cyprus).

06/06/2011: Masterclass in Social Communication Structure.
Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Catalonia).

29/04/2010: Masterclass in Audiovisual Information.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

23/03/2010: Masterclass in Cultural and Communication Industries.
Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain).

25/11/2009 – 26/11/2009: Presentation in the round table discussion The weight of the law? 
I Radio Seminar (Zaragoza University, Spain). 

30/10/2009 – 31/10/2009: Paper Community radios: making real the right to communicate through waves. 
VII International Conference ULEPICC (Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain). 

23/09/2009: Contribution to the studies Discussion and visual process in Spanish news: a quantitative analysis and Contents in the TV information in the Spanish public and commercial news  presented during the  VII Iberoamerican Conference in Communication (Chihuahua Autónoma University, México).

23/05/2009: Coordination and set up of the II Seminar in Communication without companies.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

03/12/2008: Masterclass in Audiovisual Communication.
Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain).

30/04/2008:  Masterclass in Iberoamerican Audiovisual Communication.
Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain).

04/12/2007: Presentation in the round table discussion Employment situation of the trainees and graduates.
I Seminar Building Journalism (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain).

10/11/2006 – 12/11/2006: Presentation Community radio in Bolivia.
III Meeting of the National Community Media Network (ReMC, Toledo, Spain). 

01/11/2006 – 22/11/2006: Secretary and coordinator in the I Iberoamerican Meeting about Communication Policies (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain).