2010-2015: Ph.D. in Communication Sciences. Thesis The community media in the Audiovisual Communication Law framework. Comparative analysis between different laws and regulations in Spain, Europe and Latin America.
Complutense University (Madrid, Spain).

2009-2010: Master Degree Communication with social purposes: strategies and campaigns. Master thesis The UTECA’s regulation and the Third Media Sector: international comparative of the Spanish audiovisual lacks and the answers from the citizens.
Valladolid University (Segovia, Spain).

2004-2009: Degree in Journalism. Madrid’s Honorary Merit Diplomas and Excelence Fellowships during the academic years 2007/2008 and 2004/2005.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

2002-2004: Bachelor in Social Sciences. Honorary Merit Diploma.
Salvador Allende Highschool (Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain).



29-30/08/2017: Workshop Promoting editorial independence in the newsroom.
 European Trade Unions Institute (ETUI, Brussels, Belgium).

03-04/04/2017: Media Literacy Training Media Against Hate: developing counter-narratives.
Community Medien Institut / Community Media Forum of Europe (Vienna, Austria).

14-15/04/2016: Workshop Social Media Management for Business and European Projects.
Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg (Brussels, Belgium).

07/12/2015 – 07/02/2016: Training online Critical theory of the human rights and communication: tools for social change.
CIESPAL (Quito, Ecuador).

02-06/11/2015: Study session Young media makers for human rights!
European Youth Press (EYP, Strasbourg, France).

22/10/2015: Conference Free-to-air. Free to create. Free to grow.
Wider Spectrum Group (Brussels, Belgium).

02/11/2015: Conference The future of community media.
Bundesverband Freier Radios (BFR, Potsdam, Germany).

01/10/2014 – 03/10/2014: Training course How to monitor and influence the EU decision-making process from a trade union perspective.  
European Trade Unions Institute (ETUI, Brussels, Belgium).

20/03/2014 – 21/03/2014: Conference Confronting the austerity: financial and employment models in journalism.
European Federation of Journalists (Viena, Austria).

05/03/2014: Training course Sources and information resources for researchers.
Complutense University (Madrid, Spain).

April 2013: Training course Management of non-profit associations 2.0
Colectivo CAJE (Madrid, Spain).

25-27/05/2009: Training course Creative tools for the innovative journalist.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

Academic year 2008/2009: Café-philo 2.0: Men, language and communication.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

Academic year 2007/2008: Café-philo: Men, society and communication.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

31/03/2008 – 30/04/2008: IV Training course Scientific and environmental journalism.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

11-12/04/2008: Training course Education for communication. An approach to the media from an educommunication perspective.
Aire Educommunicators Association (Madrid, Spain)

24-25/03/2008: International Forum Communication, Development and Social Change.
EMA-RTV (Sevilla, Spain).

4-6/03/2008: Conference Peace culture: security dimensions and defense in the contemporary international society.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

Academic year 2007/2008: Training Course Environmental journalism and its applications in the management of urban solid residues.
Online Training Ambientum (Madrid, Spain).

29-30/11/2007: Conference I Meeting between investigative journalism and history.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

17-26/06/2007: Euro-Mediterranean Training Course on inter-religious dialogue around gender “Does gender matter?”.
Trayectory@ (Rouge, Estonia).

3-4/05/2007: Conference I Seminar for the press freedom.
Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).

17-25/02/2007: Training course for multipliers combating homophobia “How do we handle diversity?!”
Trayectory@ (Leie, Estonia).

15-17/11/2006: Conference IX International Ibercom “The communication iberoamerican space in the digital era”
Sevilla University (Sevilla, Spain).

01-31/08/2006: Participation in different activities in the Capacity Service for Radio and TV for the Development (SECRAD) and the Bolivian Catholic University (UCB) (La Paz, Bolivia).

01-31/08/2006: Participation in different activities in the Bolivia National Media Observatory (ONMB) (La Paz, Bolivia).

3-7/07/2006: Training course The communicators as education agents for development and awareness.
Sustainable Development Foundation (FUNDESO, Madrid, Spain).

14/04/2005: Training course The investigative journalism: how to publish news that everybody wants to hide.
El Mundo Newspaper (Madrid, Spain).

17/03/2005: Training course How to make news, how to make newspapers.
El Mundo Newspaper (Madrid, Spain).